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Top 10 WWE fighter in female

When we hear the word ‘wrestling’ it is instantly linked to the picture of muscular men fighting each other in a ring surrounded by thousands of roaring people. The thought of female wrestlers doesn’t cross our minds. Though women in general don’t like physical fights and rather confine themselves to verbal duals; when it comes to wrestling they too are not far behind. You would also be pleased to know that as early as 1937 we had our first Women’s wrestling champion in the form of Mildred Burke. So women really are everywhere, in every field including wrestling. Things have changed in the WWE arena where female wrestlers have mastered the language of the kicks and chokeslams. With so many female wrestlers to choose from it is actually a daunting task to pick only ten. In spite of that below is a list of some of the best female wrestlers from World Wrestling Entertainment.

10.Natalie Katherine, a Canadian professional wrestler, has the ring name Natalya. She is from a family of wrestlers, the Hart wrestling family, so one can safely assume that wrestling is in her blood. She signed up with World Wrestling Entertainment in the year 2007. She is the member of the Hart Dynasty with her cousins. She has made a name for herself as one of the best wrestlers around.

9.  Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace known as Nikki Bella in the ring is one among the twin sister duo called the Bella Twins. Along with her twin she was signed up with WWE in the year 2007 and since then has wrestled in Raw, SmackDown and ECW brands. In April 2012, Nikki defeated Beth Phoenix to win her first WWE Divas Championship. She along with her sister is no longer associated with World Wrestling Entertainment.

8.  Rosa Milena Leticia Roucka better known by her ring name of Rosa Mendes is a Canadian professional wrestler.  She was signed up by WWE when she participated in the Diva search in the year 2006. After training with the WWE, she began her foray into the ring. She appeared for the first time in Raw in 2008 when she was associated with Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella. She is also the winner of the Queen of FCW title in FCW. A good wrestler who keeps returning with varied roles is what Rosa Mendes can be safely summed up as.

7.  Brie Brianna Monique Garcia-Colace whose ring name is Brie Bella is a part of the Bella Twins. She along with her twin sister first signed up with World Wrestling Entertainment in the year 2007. Brie won her first WWE Divas Championship by defeating Eve Torres in April 2011. Brie made her debut in the year 2008 on SmackDown. She is not under contract with WWE any longer having ended the association with them this year along with her twin sister.

6.  She is an American model and professional wrestler. Apart from the she is also an actress and dancer. She won a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment after winning the 2007 Diva Search competition however it was only as a presenter as she continued training to be a wrestler. Eventually she became a full time wrestler in the year 2009. One of the most successful female wrestlers, Eve is also the two time winner of WWE Divas Championship for first time in April 2010 and next in January 2011 

5.  Kelly Kelly is the ring name of Barbara Jean “Barbie” Blank, an American model and professional wrestler. She signed up with WWE in the year 2006 but was moved to the Raw brand two years later in 2008 when she began taking part in more wrestling matches. In April 211, she won the WWE Divas Championship after two previous unsuccessful attempts. She was defeated four months later by Beth Phoenix.

4.  Beth Phoenix is an American professional wrestler. Her real name is Elizabeth Kocianski Carolan and she on the Raw brand in WWE. She signed up with World Wrestling Entertainment in the year 2005 and has had a fairly successful wrestling career being crowned as WWE Women’s and WWE Divas Champion as well. She has with ease dominated the circuit with her beauty and strength. She surely fits the bill as an excellent female wrestler of WWE.

3.. Mickie. James is another great American Professional wrestler who began her association with WWE in October 2005. She later went on to win WWE Women’s Championship and in fact was the title holder as many as five times. Her accomplishments also include winning the WWE Divas Championship while she was still holding on to the WWE Women’s Championship title. Her run with WWE ended in 2010 after which she is currently associated with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

2.  Victoria Lisa Marie Varon, ring name Victoria, is a professional female wrestler of Puerto Rican and Turkish descent. She trained under World Wrestling Entertainment to become a fulltime wrestler and debuted in 2002 after which she also won the WWE Women’s Championship. In fact she held this title twice in her career. After her association ended with WWE, she joined the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Team under the ring name Tina. She truly is one of the women wrestlers to look up to in that circuit 

1.  Trish Patricia Anne Stratigias better known by her ring name of Trish Stratus is a Canadian professional wrestler and television personality.  One time WWE Hardcore Champion and three-time WWE Babe of the Year, Trish Stratus was even labelled ‘Diva of the Decade’. Her association with WWE dates back to when it was called WWF. WWE picked her up upon noticing her in one of her modelling assignments and trained her to become a wrestler.  She is the most successful female wrestler ever and is undoubtedly the ‘Diva’ of World Wrestling Entertainment.

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